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Keep Calm I'm Just Serious T-shirt
Keep CALM… I’m Just Serious $25 – The perfect shirt for that sarcastic someone in your life, or you, if you happen to be the smart-ass in the family! Available in White or Black, and in Men and Women’s sizes.
Whip Your Kids
“Whip Your Kids… It’s Cheaper Than Ritalin”

$25 – The perfect gift for the parents who haven’t a clue that their children are a freaking pain in the butt, or even for the school teacher you meet at the bar at the end of EVERYDAY! 

Azeem Live an Unfiltered

$20 – Azeem’s debut comedy DVD will leave you in stitches! Filmed on one of the  seven seas, his approach is high energy, unapologetic, and flat-out funny!

Rated R

Total Running Time: 77min.

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